My Top 5 items for a successful CRM Implementation

Over the last 11 years, I have deployed over 20 large Dynamics CRM implementations around the world. There has been a learning curve in every CRM implementation – it could be in the area of technology, business or strategy.

A successful CRM engagement can provide the organization with the potential for
• increased revenue growth,
• increased market segment share,
• increased margins through lower attraction and retention costs,
• greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, and
• improved business productivity through more streamlined and efficient workflows

Without the executive directive and alignment, constant communication and process coordination among complimentary initiatives and functions throughout the enterprise, organizations are more likely to end up with a failed CRM implementation.

Here’s my top 5 items that I would include in my technology roadmap to organizations which would minimize the risk of a failed CRM implementation.

(1) Create a Blueprint – Develop a “CRM Blueprint” that supports the long-term business objectives and ties in existing, related quick hits. This roadmap is the compass that steers your CRM initiatives as you incrementally build the vision over time.

(2) Keep-it-Small-and-Simple – Define and prioritize initiatives and carve out meaningful “Phases” to deliver the highest value in the shortest amount of time. This builds ongoing support and momentum in the organization.

(3) Create Quick Wins – Develop and execute the Roadmap with milestones, grouped into phases of approximately 3 months. This approach allows you to incrementally build toward the vision, while providing interim benefits to the business along the way.

(4) Monitor and Measure Success – Develop a value scorecard to monitor and measure the return on investment for every phase.

(5) Plan for End-User Adoption – Training should not be underestimated. A Structured training will not suffice on its own. Use expert, 1: N, 1:1 “bite size” training chunks. A strategy has to be put a strategy in place for incremental launch and content conversion. A plan to measure adoption, for both executive sponsorship and feedback, has to be in place.

The above items is a large foot forward to help organizations and its people realize their potential, about being more than they currently are.


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