The value-adds and limitations of Portable Business Rules in CRM 2013

Portable Business Rules is yet another productive feature in CRM 2013. During the days of CRM 2011 and CRM 4.0, Jscript development was required to add some logical functions such as setting the requirement level of the field, hiding or displaying the fields on the form and alerting the user on the form.  The Jscript development has been replaced by the inclusion of portable business rules in CRM 2011 enabling a non-developer to be able to set up rules accordingly.

Portable Business Rules

Value Adds Limitations
  • Reduces coding effort – requires configuration that can be performed by a non-developer
  • Can be applied to multiple forms belonging to the same entity
  • Consistent way of displaying messages
  • Does not support complex business rule development, which still requires JScripts.
  • No Conditional branching. If your business logic requires conditional branching, you have the option of either creating multiple business rules or facilitating   the same conditional branching using real-time workflows.
  • Cannot make the fields Read-Only. This still requires Jscript development

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