New Feature: Modifying a Qualified Lead in CRM 2013

Often, we come across scenarios where the users would have qualified a Lead to an Opportunity, and would later decide to include additional details on the Lead form.  For e.g., they would like to include information on the lead such as lead source or the source campaign, which are key to measure the success of closed loop marketing. CRM does not allow modifying a closed or a deactivated record without re-activating it.  In CRM 2011 and the earlier versions of the product, if the user chose to re-activate a qualified lead, keyed in some additional information and then qualified it, the system would have created another opportunity record. To counter this, a plug-in development was required which fired upon creation of an opportunity record, and deactivated the previously created opportunity.

Thanks to Ben Hosking, who shed some light on how this is done in CRM 2013.

In CRM 2013, the Lead-to-Opportunity process flows allows the user to re-activate a lead, and qualify it by selecting the same opportunity, instead of having to create another opportunity and writing a plug-in to deactivate the opportunity that had resulted out of the lead qualification.

Here’s how this is done:


  • The lead is already qualified as an opportunity.
  • The lead how has now been re-activated by the user.

Step 1


Step 2



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