Using Quick Find to search for Active and Inactive records

Time is money in all businesses, more specifically in a contact center. When a case is logged, the customer is provided with a case number. The customer can reference the case number when they call the contact center to check the status of a case.

In CRM 4.0, the customer service agent had to use Advanced Find to search for a case using a case number. Using the Advanced Find for an operation such as this is time consuming. The other option in hand was to hack the customization.xml to enable the customer service agent search for all cases (active, resolved, cancelled) using the ‘Quick Find’ feature.

The Out-of-Box ‘Quick Find’ feature is no different in CRM 2011 and CRM 2013. i.e. the user can only search for active records. But there is an ability to customize the ‘Quick Find’ view to search for all records.

Here’s how this is done:

1. Open the ‘Quick Find’ view from System View CustomizationImage

2. On the view editor, click on the ‘Edit Filter Criteria’ link to modify the filter criteria. You will notice that the default filter criteria which is setup is Status = Active, which translates to searching active records only. Clear this filter criterion and publish your customization. 


Now, set your default view to ‘All Cases’ and search for any case record. It should show up on the list view.


2 thoughts on “Using Quick Find to search for Active and Inactive records

  1. Dear Karthik,
    I was having the same issue, however searching for closed opportunity records. I followed the steps you provided for cases and it is working now. I had a very long call with an engineer from Microsoft yesterday and I was told that I could not search for closed opportunities, only open ones. But I was not told that there was a way around it. I kept searching and found your blog. Thank you very much sir, you have been a great help.

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