Tooltips in Dynamics CRM 2013

Developer 1: How do you set up tooltips in the previous versions of Dynamics CRM?

Developer 2:  That was quite simple actually. I had to write the following two lines of javascript which fired on load of the CRM Form.

crmForm.all.<field name>_c.title = ‘Tooltip text’;

crmForm.all.<field name>_d.title = ‘Tooltip text’;

Developer 1:  The new feature in CRM 2013 will save you some time as you don’t have to develop any scripts.  All you need to do is to specify a user friendly text on the attribute description in the attribute properties.


Developer 2: Ah, that’s handy!


2 thoughts on “Tooltips in Dynamics CRM 2013

    • You are right, Frane. Referencing the form elements using crmForm is not supported in CRM 2013. I’m referring to the previous versions of CRM where we had to use crmForm.all..

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