How to find Open Opportunities with NO Activities (without having to use FetchXML)

Nice article on how to find Open Opportunities with NO Activities

Playing around with MSCRM 2011 for Sales & Marketing

Someone on the MSCRM Forum asked this question and with help from Scott Durow we found a way to get the right results without the need of coding.

Scott Durow:

His MSCRM profile:

His blog:

Below you can see my step-by-step process with screenshots. Hopefully it’s enough for you guys to be able to get the same results.

Step 1: Make New Marketing List

13-3-2014 10-34-44

Step 2: Give it a name, set Members to Account and make the List Dynamic

13-3-2014 10-35-45

Step 3: Go to manage members and run a query as seen on the screenshot below

13-3-2014 10-36-29

Step 4: Check the results, as you can see in my example — 13 accounts appear, see below

13-3-2014 10-37-20

Step 5: Make a second list and make it as seen below, static:

13-3-2014 10-38-00

Step 6: Go to manage members

13-3-2014 10-39-18

Step 7: Run a query looking for all accounts with open opportunities

13-3-2014 10-40-06

Step 8: Check the…

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