New CRM 2013 Solution on CodePlex – Easy Navigate

I have a penchant towards exploring the Dynamics CRM 2013 related solutions posted on CodePlex. A recent solution which caught my attention was ‘Easy Navigate’.

You can download the ‘Easy Navigate’ solution on CodePlex here.

Solution Overview

The ‘Easy Navigate’ solution displays the entire CRM 2013 SiteMap in a single screen and with a Windows 8 style user experience.  Below are some of the features of the solution –

  • Windows 8 UI – The Windows 8 style ‘Tiled’ User Experience to access SiteMap. This user experience also aligns with the Windows 8 PCs and Tablets the users currently use.


  • Personalization to Tiles –Displays only what the user wants to see. The user can personalize the SiteMap by removing entities they wouldn’t need, and selecting only the entities they frequently use. The drag and drop feature within the solution serves the user to rearrange the tiles as per their preference.
  • SiteMap Search – The solution allows the user to search for any entity within CRM.


The only complaint would be that there is no control to add the entities back to the screen in case the users have accidently removed it. It would ease up work for the administrator if there is a control to add the entities back to the screen.

Overall, I see this as a very productive solution which enhances the user experience in CRM 2013. I would recommend evaluating this solution for your customers.

Great job by Amine Kouddane!